The MONTHLY SHONAN MARATHON is a healthy marathon event aiming not to compete with someone but to finish your own race and keep running on a regular basis for your healthy running-life. Our motto is, “practice makes perfect”. So everyone in your family can enjoy the events.

There’s no prize for winners but all runners’ times are recorded, so we award prizes for consecutive and overall attendance. 

The event is held on the first Sunday of each month. Anyone can join us. Let’s have a fun run along the coast with a scenic view of Mt.Fuji and Enosihma.





Organization  : Monthly Shonan Marathon steering committee

Date         : the first Sunday of each month

Course       : a cycling road with the turnaround points

Events        : family(run with family members), 1km, 3km, 5km, 10km

Reception     : SHONAN BEACH PARK, The memorial space for the Nie Er monument

How to join    : apply on the day at the venue

Fees          : For the first time 1,500 yen. Then, adults 1,000 yen, high school students and younger 500 yen

Qualifications  : anyone who agrees with the principles of NJSF such as “Sports is the rights of all people”, “Sports for all” and “The development of all sports”.

(Please find escort runners in advance if you need.)

Results        : After the race, runners’ number, name, age and time records are released on the HP.



Reception hour   : 7:30a.m. 20mins before each start time

Starting hour     : 8:30a.m.9:50a.m. for each event, respectively

Note: The starting hours are subject to change without notice due to weather conditions or the number of participants.



No awards for ranking or time records. We award prizes for consecutive and overall attendance.



・ 10times : A running shirt with your number 

・ 20times : A sport towel


・ 20times : A running shirt with your number


Exemption clauses


If you get hurt or get out of condition while joining the event, we provide an emergency measure and make contact with a hospital if necessary, but we could not take any responsibilities. If you are in a bad condition, don’t push yourself but to refrain from running. An abstention can be counted as a record. We take no responsibility if you get into trouble with other runners or a third party or your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged. In principle, please take part in the event on your own responsibility.